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LA TOSCANA FARMHOUSE IS NO LONGER A VACATION RENTAL. FOLLOW US At terracellowinerypec. for up to date Info during Covid 19.

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Enogastronomic Tours and YOUR EVENT AT OUR WINERY

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Book your private event at Terracello. Rent our patio for the evening and have your own private courtyard  for a wedding rehearsal dinner/b-day party/ team building/engagement etc. Book one Room in our winery or the whole winery. Call AnnaMaria for pricing and to work out the details.

Enogastronomic Tours with the owner/pizzaiolo and head winemaker himself Tony Auciello Jr. Duration: 1hr, $100 PER PERSON,(Times anywhere from 4 to 7pm Only) INCLUDES: A rich educational and gastronomic jam packed one hour of fun, food and tasting. From walking the vineyard, to tasting right from the oak barrels,Tony will engage you in all things wine and pizza related that he makes himself, by hand, in small batches to this day. Guests will be guided by the owner himself, in learning the ancient art of growing and tasting wine, sipped right from his private barrel room, and paired with traditional Italian inspired Antipasti made at the winery, and a sneak peak at the art of Neapolitan dough making and wood firing. Book Now well in advance!!!!