TerraCello Winery

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.Wine Tastings for 2022. Try 4 wines for $15per person. NO RETURNS EVEN IF WINE UNOPENED> NO RESERVATIONS. FIRST COME FIRST serve regardless of group size

Come see why the Food Channel U.S, fOOD NETWORK CAN, Nuvo Mag, Chatelaine, Rodgers T.V and yes Even South Korean news has stopped in to see the County’s youngest winery owner, professional winemaker and master pizzaiulo at work in his own winery with some of the most authentic Neapolitan food outside Italy!!

All pizza’s are all made with highest quality Imported Italian ingredients. Shipping/importing and delivery are higher than Can products. 12″ (MEDIUM)8 slices Some pizza’s stretched different according to the region of Italy and style Pizza Genoa-(seasonal) basil puree, olive oil, mozza. $17.99
Pizza formaggio rich tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella, olive oil  $19.99
Pizza Margherita (Napoli) Fior di latte mozza, D.O.P. sauce, Certified Flour from Napoli, fresh basil, E.V.O.O. $24.80
Da Roma Marinated tender artichoke hearts, mozza, green/black olives, sauce $24.80
Cynthia- Sauce, fior di latte arisan cheese, Prosciutto Di Parma , black organic Olives organic baby arugula, Tuscan Olive Oil, $35.80
Americano-(American za) Italian thin sliced Pepperoni, mozza, sauce, olive oil  $24.80
Corleonese-Roasted red peppers, marinated Italian eggplant strips, soft creamy goatcheese, oregano, oil $26.80
Calabrese- Italian salami, mozza, sauce, green olives, marinated Italian sun dried tomatoes $26.80
Pizza di Bari- pork sausage, roasted red pepper, red onions, mozza, olive oil, salt, oregano  $27.80