TerraCello Winery

All Tony’s wines SOLD OUT. Winery closed until Spring.Happy Holidays

10644531_10154503033375153_85008958178902836_oTo book your next event, Please call AnnaMaria and leave a detailed message. Fully customizable food and wine options and use of our winery/grounds/facility can be discussed. From a simple b day party to renting our entire winery for your Wedding, we will make it happen Italian Style. Come see why the Food Channel U.S, Nuvo Mag, Chatelaine, Rodgers T.V and yes Even South Korean news has stopped in to see the County’s only professional winemaker and master pizzaiulo at work in his own winery with some of the most authentic Neapolitan food outside Italy!!
Mixed green salad with balsamic, oregano, red peppers, olives, mozza and oil 9.99 (Starting June 1st,2018)
Dolce (Sweets) Hand made ricotta stuffed cannoli siciliani 2.25ea, or Tiramisu cupcake drizzled with chocolate reduction and dusted with white sugar $5per
Pizza formaggi A blend of cheeses 12.99
Pizza Margherita Fior di latte mozza, D.O.P. sauce, fresh basil, E.V.OO. 19.99
Da Roma Marinated tender artichoke hearts, mozza, green olives, sauce 18.99
Cynthia- Sauce, fior di latte, Prosciutto Di Parma slices, black Olives organic arugula, Tuscan Olive Oil, 23.99
Americano- Pepperoni, mozza, sauce, olive oil 15.99
Corleonese-Roasted red peppers, marinated Italian eggplant strips, soft creamy goatcheese, oregano, oil 19.99
Calabrese- seared salami, mozza, sauce, green olives, marinated Italian sun dried tomatoe 19.99
Note: ALL pizza’s are 12 inch diameter and are not customizable. Like in Naples the birthplace of Pizza Napoletana.
/Dolce Tiramisu cupake, sugar dusted, with chocolate reduction sauce $4.99