TerraCello Winery

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TerraCello Winery and the Auciello family

welcomes everyone to their farm Winery located literally in the center of P.E.C. TerraCello is replete with indoor wood fireplace,lounge, tasting areas, barrel room, and yes, a second pizza oven from Italy to have you comfortably seated for all your events or simple afternoon stay. A beautiful rustic patio and bocce court with wedding Arbor are nestled amongst our vines offering a tranquil setting for casual gatherings with friends enjoying Tony’s famous pizza and wines he prepares manually and in small batches to this day.Tony cares about each person who visits and will often been seen taking a break from the oven to come out and greet his guests and make sure they are content. His love for wine and pizza are infectious, and we here at TerraCello want you to come and see for yourself why people call his place a “hidden Jewl”.
Sincerely: The entire staff of TerraCello Winery

Anthony Auciello  OWNER/ Head Winemaker/Professional Pizzaiulo, B.A.En, B.ED.
Daniela Auciello Owner/manager
AnnaMaria D’Amico Macdonald management/Events coordinator



Our Story

In 2004, after a trip to his father’s hometown, Anzano Di Puglia, Italy, Anthony Auciello Jr,came to a dark realization. The family’s “pezza di Terra”, piece of land in Italy that his father and cousin had repurchased to stop family squabelling and to keep it in the AUCIELLO Surname in 1990 was in bad shape. Overgrown bush stood instead of the fruit trees and small vineyard once tended too by his Grandfather Euplio Auciello and uncle Guy Rossi. War and famine pushed these young men and women out of Italy and all was abandoned after Tony’s father left Italy by boat from Naples to pursue a new life in Canada. Years later, After his father’s passing, Tony Jr decided to go back by himself. He found himself alone, shattered, but nothing resembling “IL Paradiso”, the paradise as locals would refer to his Grandfather Euplio’s Land. He was profoundly moved.It was there he had an epiphany. Crying for days in the town of his father’s birth, he decided he wanted to do something remarkable,something crazy, something illogical, something that would stretch him physically, mentally, financially and emotionally literally to his breaking point.He came back to Canada determined.As luck would have it, his mother Franka visited the County on a wine tour and told Tony Jr to check it out. So he “kidnapped” his girlfriend, now wife Daniela, and moved out to the “County” and left everything behind.
After a full year of driving up from Toronto every weekend,searching for the best parcel of land, in 2006, he found that magical piece of “Terra” and the “Ciello” family began in earnest to restore the “Fox” farm starting with the Fox farmhouse formally the home of Mr. John Fox, county Warden in the 60’s.He worked tirelessly, teaching full time by day, and renovating under a cold spotlight by night. 18 hour days for 5 years. Begging, borrowing and using the skills his father passed onto him to build his own winery, with his own hands, relentlessly until his dream would be realized. On July 23rd, 2013, Tony Jr. and his Wife Daniela would become the youngest self funded winery owners in the County. Passion replaced money. Heart replaced indifference. Soul and integrity to his crafts saw him through. Simply to pay tribute to the man he loved, and looked up to, his dad. TerraCello is family and friends reconnecting over food and drink in a laid back, tuscanesque, bucolic, tranquil setting. Tony welcomes you to come and experience first hand the difference his artistic passion for crafting fine wines and AUTHENTIC NEOPOLITAN pizza makes in the overall experience at TerraCello Winery.

Anthony Auciello, Owner

Our Vineyards

Our vineyard comprises of 5.5 acres planted to both Vitis Vinifera and French hybrids. TerraCello’s vines such as our Riesling and Cabernet Franc have been imported from Germany and France respectively. Our soil consists of heavy “hillier clay loam” over fragmented limestone bedrock with a high residual ph which makes it absolutely vital. Our vines are grafted onto lime tolerant rootstocks. Our soil depths range from 28 inches at the front of our estate to 36 inches in our “Vento” plot. All TerraCello’s vines have been hand planted by wonderful friends and family who volunteer their time every few years to break a sweat and enjoy being together with one another, and of course good food.

As Vineyard Manager, Anthony Auciello is adamant that by hand planting, numerous objectives are achieved that are not achieved by machine planting. For example, we spread vine roots evenly, water each plant immediately, tamp each vine to ensure no air pockets are released, and add various fertilizers to ensure optimal plant nutrition. Over time, we at TerraCello believe our vines will be greener, healthier and happier with increased resistance to disease and insect damage because of our eco friendly vineyard strategies. In regards to vine management, all plants are custom pruned according to the vine age and to their growth habits. As well, weed management, tying, tucking, de leafing, de clustering and hedging are all done by hand with great effort to maximize varietal character on a regimented timeline. A variety of grasses are sowed, mowed and then grape hoed back into the land as “green” compost to ensure sufficient plant nutrition. This will afford the biodiversity of beneficial insects to live in our vineyard in a symbiotic relationship with vines and maintain nature’s equilibrium without the use of insecticides.

Total acreage – 19.7 (5.5 planted)
Vine age – 4 to 11 years
Soil – Hillier clay loam over 3 feet of fragmented limestone with excellent cation exchange
Depth – 28 to 36 inches
Trellising – Vertical
Pruning – Cane and spur
Varietals – Cab Franc, Riesling, Baco Noir, De Chaunac, Sov Coronation, Pinot Noir, Vidal





Visitors are welcome to traverse the grounds with their glass of wine in hand and wonder around, in a bucolic setting. Prince Edward County, as many say, “is the land that time has forgotten”. So come and visit us at TerraCello Winery in beautiful, sunny, Prince Edward County, Ontario.